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Australia is a preferred country for migrants aspiring to Permanent Residency (PR Visa). Every year thousands of people move to Australia for either studies or employment and settle down there permanently, considering the wealth of the country and the high standard of life offered to the migrants. 


Xcel Global Services is a reputed overseas consultancy dealing with the Australian immigration process providing the proper assistance for the process starting from visa to flight tickets in an effortless way. Our renowned consultancy also takes care of employment for job seekers by fetching the best-suited job for them. Settling in Australia has been the right choice for so many candidates as the country offers a bright scope for business.

Benefits of Migration to Australia

Australia is a country that invites talented professionals across the globe every day to improve the country’s economic stability. The government provides numerous benefits in return to the contributors who play an active role in the country’s technological progression.

Promises an Esteemed Life

All the schools and colleges in the country are of high standards offering quality education for the migrants. The best in excellent education adds more value to Australia, encouraging migrants to pursue their education and settle down in the Continent to build their careers assertively.

Liberal Immigration Policies

Australia encourages the entry of skilled professionals irrespective of the visa type, temporary or permanent, to contribute to the nation. The entry process is flexible to provide suitable for every average person to fulfill the applicant's desires of visiting an International country. The relaxed rules allow the dependents /spouses to create a decent life by utilizing the work rights in the Continent.

Provides Prospective Employment Opportunities

Australia offers a broad scope for skilled people with its sound economy to accommodate the immigrants. The employment rate is higher, and, incredibly, 8 out of 10 migrants on an average scale with permits are eligible for a competitively paying job in a short spell of visa processing to Australia.

Acquire Australian Citizenship in a Short Stay

The prime benefit of migrating to Australia is the Australian Permanent Residents can gain Australian Citizenship after four years of PR upon meeting the requirements. Acquiring an Australian Citizenship can provide numerous services like voting and exploring government jobs, and seek one in the Defence department.

Health Coverage

Immigrants to Australia can enjoy the best health services with flawless doctors spectating in all departments. All the migrants are eligible for availing of free health care check-ups announced by the Australian government. This way, the migrants feel fast shifting to a country like Australia.

Rich Culture

Australia is a diversified nation with pride in owning many art centers, theatres, and concert halls to entertain the migrants. Many tasty cuisines are found in Australia to satisfy the taste buds of the visitors. The country residents are giving and offer so much hospitality to the residents without any national bias.

Types of Visa for Australia for Migration

There are three main types of Australian Visas for immigrants based on their purpose of visiting the country. Some visas offer temporary stay, while others allow permanent residence on the Continent. So, before applying for any visa, make a consultation with the agents at Xcel Global Services to serve you better in the visa application procedure.

Let us have a detailed look into the types of visa and their procedure for the Immigration journey.

Work Visa

Work visa is issued to people who have the necessary skill set as per the rules stated by Australia. There are two ways to apply for a work visa. The first scenario is when a company is looking for your services and is ready to sponsor the visa cost considering your talent. Secondly, skill is in high demand in the country, the government calls you for the position, and you can apply for a visa. A work visa can be temporary or permanent based on the demands imposed by the government, and an immigration agent can be the ideal mediator in finding the appropriate visa for your application.

Permanent Entry Visa

Permanent visas are issued to sustain valuable employees within the country and reunite their families with them for an extended period. Applicants can apply under two categories for this visa. It can be a migration program or a humanitarian program. The migration program emphasizes permanent residents recommending another person for a PR visa.

Business Visa

People who want to launch a business in Australia fall under this category and apply for a business visa. This is said to be the most skilled visa, and all the documents and criteria need to be met to acquire this visa. Seek help from immigration consultants at Xcel Global Services to get through the visa quickly.

Eligibility Criteria for Migration to Australia

Age is the primary criterion, and all the applicants must be below 45 at the time of visa application. Secondly, English language proficiency is crucial, and the applicant must have a high IELTS or PTE test score. In addition, the position you are applying for must match your skillset, which has to be approved by a suitable assessing body. If you want to move to Australia, passing a health test is mandatory to prove that you are in good health to the government to accommodate you in the country in the first place. A character certificate needs to be produced during the visa application process as the last criterion to prove you are a reliable person to enter the country.

Why us?

Xcel Global Services is the trusted overseas partner catering to students’ or professionals’ migration requirements in landing in Australia by successfully processing the visa. Make an appointment with the leasing consultants at Xcel Global Services to get through the visa immigration process in the most professional way. Sourcing profiles to arranging visa appointments will be carried out in the warmest way to achieve successful migration in Australia.

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